Leicester is a a city that seamlessly mixes the best in British traditions with multicultural modern activities.

  • Culture

    • Leicester is home to many magnificent museums, and a steady tour of them all is a fantastic way to spend a day.

    • The Jewry Museum focuses on Leicester's deepest past; from prehistoric times to the medieval period, and is filled with archaeological gems.

    • Also near to the heart of the city is the New Walk Museum. This fantastic space is home to many galleries of rare items, including a range of Picasso ceramics, ancient Egyptian artefacts and a fine art Victorian Gallery.

    • After museums, head west to Leicester Castle, built around 1070 and regular calling point for Kings and Queens, this magnificent building reveals the secrets of the centuries as you explore its magnificent architecture and artefacts. Within the grounds, you'll also find the Church of St Mary de Castro. Here you will find perfectly preserved architecture from the early 12th century, including a stunning oak ceiling, and you can visit the very spot where King Henry VI was knighted as a child, in 1426.

  • Family

    • An out-of-this-world experience for all ages can be enjoyed at the National Space Centre. The UK's largest attraction dedicated to space exploration, the futuristic building is filled with real rockets, satellites, realistic Martian surfaces to interact with and lots more. Explore the known universe and get an authentic feeling of being weightless in space, thanks to one of the many interactive activities on offer.

    • Feeling adventurous? Then spend a day at Leicester's Outdoor Pursuit Centre, where the family can test their mettle with the Leap of Faith, or relax while riding along the River Soar in a canoe.

    • To truly explore the city's hidden secrets, take the Curious about Leicester tour; an exciting glimpse into what makes this multicultural and historic city what it is. The informal walk takes you through Leicester's history, taking in such sites as the historic Richard III exhibition as you go.

  • Dining & Shopping

    • Leicester city centre offers and exciting range of cafes and award-winning restaurants, with no shortage of variety and prices to suit every budget.

    • Nearby is Europe's largest covered market, now 700 years old.

    • Highcross, also in the city centre, puts some of the biggest names in retail side-by-side with international restaurants and a 12-screen cinema.

  • Did you know?

    • Leicester is one of the UK's oldest cities, with an explorable history stretching back for 2,000 years.

    • Leicester is home to the biggest outdoor covered market in Europe.

    • Leicester hosts the largest Diwali celebrations outside of India, the largest comedy festival in the UK as well as annual Pride and Caribbean events.

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