Summer holiday survival guide: 7 tips to keep you and the kids sane while school’s out!

6 weeks of no tantrums, no homework and no forms that you’re sure to forget to fill in. Yay! But, it does leave you wondering what exactly you will do with the kids all day everyday doesn’t it? Well, not to worry as our 7 summer holiday survival tips are sure to prevent you and your little ones from having a meltdown. You’re welcome!


    1. Get some games

    Get down to Poundland and invest in a big bundle of super-soakers, water pistols and water balloons. Perfect for taking to the park, down the beach, or even over to Grandma’s when you’ve got to go to work, it’s a really fun way for your kids to let off some steam (and tire them out so you get the evening to yourself!).


    2. Turn any day out into an adventure

    Whether it’s a stroll around the park, the walk to the swimming baths, or even a day spent in the garden (none of us can go out every single day), give the kids a list of things to find – a blossom tree, a blue car, a shell. Whoever is the first to find everything on the list is allowed a treat of their choice. Trust us, they’ll love you for it.


    3. Pack a picnic

    The novelty of eating outside never gets old.


    4. Invest in portable board games

    Mini versions of total classics, they’ll never be bored again.


    5. Go camping

    Whether you plan a big camping trip to Dartmoor or simply spend a night at your local site, your little ones are sure to be talking about how they roasted marshmallows over an open fire for weeks.


    6. Plan for all weather

    6. Planned a day at the beach but it’s started to pour it down? Don’t let that stop you! Always have a few pac-a-macs inside your bag and enjoy yourself anyway. After all, damp sand is much better for building sandcastles anyway. #silverlinings


    7. Visit London!

    With our host of 2 4 1 offers and many other attractions being totally free, a trip to the capital doesn’t need to break the bank. And, if you already live there? Answer us this – when was the last time you and your little ones were tourists in your own city? Exactly!

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