See you next time, Netflix: 6 things you should definitely ditch this summer

Because some things are best saved for the winter, don’t you think?

Ditch your bed


    Bed is bae – we get it! But, laying around in a hazy slumber whilst the sun shines is something we are not about. Instead, make the most of the warmer nights by sleeping under the stars. Here’s a list of all the best places to go camping, handy – we know!

End that Netflix binge  


    Yes we know GOT is back but save those box sets for rainy weather and winter days (trust us, you’ll thank us come November)! Instead, turn Netflix off and get yourself to one of the UK’s top outdoor cinemas. You’ll be able to watch your favourite films and soak up some vital vitamin D too. Bonus!

Roll off the sofa


    … and see the bright lights of a new city. London, Manchester, Birmingham? Wherever you choose, each and every one is full of a bunch of hidden gems that are just waiting to be discovered. Plus, with fares from just a fiver, you can’t go wrong!

Get out of the gym!


    Sweat + a severe lack of aircon = not a very pretty sight for anyone! That’s why we suggest  ditching the treadmill for a trek around a National Park, for a dip in an outdoor pool, or even a bike around your local park. So fun you’ll forget you’re actually exercising. Promise!

Get off Instagram!


    Whether it’s posting pictures of #brunch or simply giving yourself major Insta-envy, why spend your days trying to be Kim K when you can get out and do amazing things IRL?! We’d recommend a shopping trip to North Laine’s quirky boutiques in Brighton to start you off.

Ditch the flight to Maga


    … and get down to your nearest beach. The sand’s just as soft and whether you want to ride waves or cool down with an ice-cream, the UK has countless beautiful beaches waiting for you.

Netflix? Nah. Bed? Bye! Make it a summer you won’t forget and go see the UK with us. Book your tickets today and tweet us where you’re going at @nationalexpress.