Scottish food in Edinburgh you have to try

Scotland may just be a little north but you’d be amazed just how different life can be there, particularly when it comes to their food delicacies.

So if you’re all set to get the coach to Edinburgh, it’s time to work out your ‘neeps’ from ‘tatties’. Fear not though, we have everything Scottish food related in our handy guide below…


1. Find the best Haggis in Edinburgh

If you’re looking for traditional Scottish food, Haggis should be top of your list. Whilst minced sheep organs cooked with onions and spices might sound a little intimidating it’s surprisingly delicious!

You can find some of the best pub food in Edinburgh at places like Whiski Bar and The World’s End. Highly recommended if you’re ready to get your fill of Haggis, as well as a side of neeps (mashed swede or turnip) and tatties (mashed potatoes)… Making sense still?

2. Discover deep fried foods you never knew existed

From a fried kebab to a fried Mars bar, or pizza slice, no matter what you find in Scotland if it’s edible it’s going in the fryer.

They may not be for the most health conscious of travellers, but these fried delights definitely come under the banner of Scottish food in Edinburgh you have to try. Particularly delicious if you’ve been sampling some of the nightlife in Scotland too!


3. Answer the burning question: What is a Munchy Box?

One deep fried object not enough? How about a whole box full? A ‘Munchy Box’ is a feast of ‘traditional’ Scottish food, a collective of all the fried objects under the sun, from onion rings and fritters, to burgers and sausages. It’s all housed inside a standard pizza box and is usually accompanied by a two-litre bottle of fizzy, neon coloured drink. Basically, it is a celebration of all of life’s greatest accomplishments.

This incredible feat of Scottish ingenuity recently went viral for its beauty, affordability and its risk of causing death. So if you’re brave (drunk) enough to undertake the challenge of the Munchy Box, it’s definitely a team effort.

4. Enjoy world-class Scottish salmon

Ok, let’s get to something a little friendlier on the arteries. After all that fried food why not recover with some world-renowned fish? Beautiful in taste and texture, Scottish salmon way be top of the list when it comes to Scottish food you have to try in Edinburgh.

The fresh waters of Scotland make for some of the best breeding grounds for Salmon on the planet so don’t miss out on this true local delicacy.


5. Make room for some of the best Scottish snacks

Some of the best food in Edinburgh might not actually be part of your main meal. Toffee, fudge and, of course, shortbread are all staples of the Scottish way of life and must-try foods in Edinburgh.

Shortbread’s buttery, crumbly goodness comes to life at Pinnies and Poppy Seeds, an amazing bakery in the heart of the city. Known for their use of fresh local ingredients and variety of flavours (pistachio and rose anyone?), it’s high on our places to visit in Edinburgh.

Before getting the coach back home, it’s best to grab a few bits for the road. Toffee and fudge are always crowd-pleasers, and for the best souvenirs in Edinburgh, the Fudge House on the Royal Mile is the perfect way to take a piece of Scotland home.

6. Sample the best Scotch in Edinburgh

Food is all well and good but what about what Scotland is really famous for? Whiskey. The world’s best whiskey brands can all be found down the Royal Mile at several shops, offering expert advice on everything from the right blend for you to your whiskey sour recipe!

Not a big drinker? No problem, try an ice-cold Irn Bru instead. It’s the orange, sugary hit you need to keep you exploring Edinburgh all day long.


Now that you know all about the Scottish food in Edinburgh you have to try, it’s time to get over there! Click below to book your tickets now and find out more about things to do in Edinburgh.

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