You know you’re a music fan when…

Whether you’re a Sheerio, member of the Beyhive or forever wishing you were part of Taylor Swift’s girl squad, we’ll get you to London’s best concerts this summer for less.

Ed Sheeran, 14th – 17th June, Wembley Stadium

  • You know you’re a Sheerio when…

    • You know the names of his guitars.
    • You know the meaning of all his tattoos.
    • His music hits you in the feels every time. Nope… you’re crying!
    • You’ve been trying to blag a Nandos Black Card ever since you found out Ed had one.
    • You agree that Ed’s cameo in Game of Thrones was everything

Jay-Z and Beyonce, 15th – 16th June, Olympic Stadium

  • You know you’re a member of the Beyhive when…

    • You’ve got your suspicions on who ‘Becky with the good hair’ actually is.
    • You agree with Kanye that she had one of the best videos of all time #sorrynotsorry.
    • You lived for Destiny’s Child’s reunion at the Super Bowl.
    • You know the Single Ladies choreography off by heart (even if you can’t execute it as well as Queen Bey).
    • You wish Beyonce could adopt you one day so you can share the Carter-Knowles’ amazing life. And be Blue Ivy’s new best friend – yay!
  • You know you’re a Jay-Z fan when…

    • You got 99 problems but… you get the rest.
    • You agree with MTV that he’s the greatest MC of all time.
    • You were cheering when he sang Wonderwall at Glastonbury after that feud with Noel Gallagher.

Taylor Swift, 22nd – 23rd June, Wembley Stadium

  • You know you’re a Swiftie when…

    • You give friends Taylor’s lyrics as solid life advice.
    • You call her Taylor (because we can all pretend we’re on first name terms with our favourite stars, right?!).
    • You’re LIVING for her new dark image and love saying ‘the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now.’
    • You can name at least 5 members of her squad.
    • You’re as obsessed with her cats as she is. And the fact that they have surnames. G-E-N-I-U-S.

BST Hyde Park, 6th – 8th July, 13th – 15th July

  • You know you love Bruno Mars when…

    • You’re literally obsessed with his dance moves.
    • The Finesse music video gave you ALL the 90’s nostalgia you’ll ever need.
    • You hear Uptown Funk and immediately want to get the party started.
    • You’ve loved him since the Doo-Wops & Hooligans days.
    • 24K Magic is part of your life and it’s not going anywhere – FACT.
  • The number one sign of being a hardcore music fan? Worshiping your favourite artists live in concert! So book your travel and we’ll get you direct to this summer’s hottest concerts, festivals and events.