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    STEAM - Museum of Great Western Railway

    STEAM is often referred to as ‘God’s Wonderful Railway’ by rail enthusiasts because of its pioneering vision. The museum tells the story of those who worked and used the service all those years ago with a range of stunning memorabilia.
    Photo credit: Visit Wiltshire

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    Cotswold Water Park

    The Cotswold Water Park covers over 40 square miles and 150 lakes, with water sports, a beach and aerial adventures to name just a few for you to enjoy. If you want a more relaxing time at the waterpark, there are plenty of cycling trails for you to enjoy, as well as stunning bird watching opportunities.
    Photo credit: Cotswold Water Park Trust/Facebook

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    Lydiard Park

    The beautiful park at Lydiard House is free for everyone. Here, you’ll find a great playground for the kids, plenty of lakeside walks and breathtaking scenery to take in. There is a charge to enter Lydiard House and the walled gardens of £6.50 for adults and £3.50 for children – but when you enter, you’ll find it utterly stunning.
    Photo credit: Lydiard Park/Facebook

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    Swindon Designer Outlet

    Want to grab some designer bargains? Look no further than the Swindon Designer Outlet. With over 90 stores including everyone’s favourite designer labels, as well as plenty of restaurants, children’s activities and play areas – there is a little something for everyone at this fab spot in Swindon.
    Photo Credit: Visit Wiltshire

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    FreeDog is the ultimate in bouncy, fun! The room is full of trampolines, so you’ll be able to bounce until your heart’s content. Not only will you be enjoy defying gravity on these great, trampolines, you can enjoy games of dodgeball, jumping into foam pits and much, much more.
    Photo Credit: FreeDog Urban Activity Centre/Facebook

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