Happy #NationalParkWeek: 15 fantastic ways to enjoy the 15 fantastic National Parks

From lush walks and perfect picnic spots in the Lake District to soaring through the treetops of Snowdonia, we’ve listed all the best things to do across the UK’s National Parks all in honour of #NationalParkWeek, of course!

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    Dive into the Iron Age along the Pembrokeshire Coast

    Home to Castell Henllys open-air museum, not only will you get a taste of the Iron Age alongside soaking up the stunning views, but you can train to be a warrior, too. Exciting!

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    Bask in the beautiful Brecon Beacons

    The best way to soak up the Brecon Beacons aside from going on a wonderful walk? By hiring an electric boat or canoe and bobbing along its peaceful waters. Bliss!

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    Do something different in the New Forest

    Of course, the New Forest is perfect for shady riverside walks and picnics by its ponds, but if you’re looking to do something a little bit different over the summer, make archery part of your agenda. If you fancy yourself as the next Robin Hood, book a lesson from £17.

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    Discover new thrills in the treetops of Snowdonia

    As the activity capital of Wales, Snowdonia is a must for adventure-seekers of all ages. Take on the mighty mountain, soar through the treetops of Zip World Forest and go back in time at King Arthur’s Labyrinth.

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    Segway across the lovely Lake District

    Whether you want to climb England’s highest mountain, ride on forest segways or relive your childhood with a visit to The World of Beatrix Potter, the Lake District really does have something for everyone.

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    Set sail at Broads National Park

    From gliding along the waters whilst sailing on a yacht for the first time to mastering the art of paddle boarding, there’s a wealth of boating opportunities waiting for you at Broads National Park.

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    Spot endangered species at Cairngorms

    In between exploring castles and climbing mountains, you’ll have the chance to spot several endangered species at Cairngorms National Park. These include golden eagles, Scottish wildcats and red squirrels to name a few.

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    Find adventure at every corner of Dartmoor

    Happy campers – step this way. Dartmoor is the only National Park in England to allow wild camping (permitted in certain areas). A once in a lifetime opportunity, go make it a summer to remember!

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    Make time for tea in Exmoor

    We’d advise you to check out Whortleberry Tearoom in Exmoor’s Porlock, where you can sample their scrumptious traditional Cream Tea, topped off with local whortleberry jam. Yum!

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    Fall in love with Loch Lomond

    Combining its snow-capped mountains with photogenic waters, Loch Lomond and The Trossachs is a true feast for the eyes. Our favourite sights? Dochart Falls and Loch Katrine – Insta-worthy indeed!

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    Visit the ‘Robin Hood tree’ in Northumberland

    Did you know? Northumberland National Park (specifically Sycamore Gap) has played home to various scenes within Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. Starring Kevin Costner and Morgan Freeman, a visit to Northumberland would mean you’d quite literally be walking across one of the most famous film sets in history.

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    Explore the North York Moors

    The North York Moors are full of enticing landscapes and on the 26-mile Yorkshire Coast, you can enjoy an abundance of outdoor activities including surfing, sea kayaking, gliding, horse riding and biking. Now, that’s what we call an action-packed summer break!

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    See the Peak District from new heights

    For the best views of Britain’s very first National Park, climb to the top of the 287 metre high Thorpe Cloud. A one of a kind trip for all ages, we recommend packing a kite, a picnic and a whole lot of water (stay hydrated, people) for a fun-filled day up in the clouds.

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    Become an Insta-hit at South Downs

    If anything represents the classic and iconic UK, it’s South Downs. At Seaford Head, you can enjoy first-class views across the sea to the Seven Sisters chalk cliffs and Belle Tout lighthouse. Skim stones, paddle in the sea and don’t forget to pack your portable charger, because this is one view that you just need to upload to your Insta grid!

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    Play a giant game of cat and mouse in the Yorkshire Dales

    In a four acre garden in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales lies the Forbidden Corner. The perfect place to unleash your inner child, theres no way you can visit the Dales without taking part in its lifesize cat and mouse experience or entering the Temple of the Underworld.

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It’s a tough one to answer, we know, but if you could name just one – which would be your National Park of choice? Let us know over at @nationalexpress.