Free Things to Do in London

A day in the capital doesn’t have to be an expensive one. Did you know that there are masses of fantastic, free things to do in London? From museums and parks to more out of the box attractions, London has it all. So we’ve pulled together a list of the best things you can do without spending a penny.

Curators of Fun: Enjoy London’s Many Free Museums

Did you know that London is home to more than 200 museums? That’s a lot of history! If you’re looking to learn more about our wonderful world then London is the place to be and luckily most of its museums are free to enter. Why not start at one of the capital’s most famous attractions, The British Museum? This is home to over 7 million artefacts from around the globe, from mummies to Saxon treasures. So you’ll be fluent in Hieroglyphics with a hint of Anglo-Saxon in no time.

If more traditional museums don’t tickle your fancy then maybe one of London’s more unorthodox museums will. Try the Grant Museum of Zoology, which is home to over 68,000 zoological specimens. Its bisected heads exhibition really splits opinion if you know what we mean, and it’s as unusual as it is educational.

Free things to do in London

Soak up the Atmosphere at a Magnificent Market

Two for a pound! Or in this case even less. London’s markets are famous for their exquisite sights, sounds and tastes, and best of all they’re free to roam. The buzzing atmosphere of a London market is like no other. With many stalls on display from hundreds of different cultures, strolling through one can feel like walking the globe. It’s also a lot quicker!

London’s oldest and one of its most famous markets is Borough Market. At over 1,000 years old you can really feel the history and culture when browsing through this wonderful bazaar. Open Monday to Saturday, the market is home to so many delicious eateries and confectionaries, such as bakeries, café’s, grocers, street food, butchers and more!

A Breath of Fresh Air

London is all busy streets and big buildings isn’t it? Oh no my friend, London has a wide variety of public parks and gardens for you to relax in. From Hyde Park to Greenwich Park, each location has its own scenic elements and, of course, are free to walk.

Hyde Park is right in the heart of London and is full of many free and wonderful attractions. Debate today’s topical issues at Speaker’s Corner, which has been a park regular since the 1800’s, or maybe a stroll in the gorgeous rose garden is more your thing. If you’re looking for a more relaxing and hidden garden then St Dunstan in the East is perfect. This beautiful garden has grown within the ruins of an old church which was destroyed during the blitz! It’s a lot quieter now though we promise…

A work of Art: London’s Galleries and Street Art

If you’re feeling cultural and creative then London’s hordes of art galleries are a great free treat. The Tate Modern is the most popular choice amongst tourists, featuring work from Pollock, Warhol and even Picasso it’s not surprising to see why. The gallery is also in a beautiful location next to the Thames which provides a real artistic view.

If galleries are too formal for you then don’t worry as the streets of London can be galleries themselves. That’s right, we’re talking about graffiti and not the vandalising kind. Our capital is rife with interesting and thought-provoking street art throughout the city. Shoreditch and the famous Bricklane are just a couple of great examples of this amazing collection. Don’t let us paint you a picture though, check them out for yourself!

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