Your Download Festival survival guide: EVERYTHING you need to know

When it comes to all things rock, they don’t get much bigger or better than Download Festival at Donington Park. And, if you find yourself wondering what you need to know before you visit the self-proclaimed spiritual home of rock, have no fear, we’ve got the answers to your prayers covered with our Download Festival survival guide.


    See Aerosmith’s last ever UK appearance

    Download Festival is famous for hosting the most sought after rock ‘n’ roll giants and this year, the legendary Aerosmith will take to the stage. As cool and innovative now as they were thirty years ago, you don’t want to miss a thing as this is the band’s last ever UK appearance. If that isn’t a reason to get those tickets booked ASAP, we don’t know what is!

    Image credit: Photo © Nat Ch Villa cc-by-sa/2.0

  • Party till 3am at The Doghouse

    The only time being put in the doghouse is ever appealing, the Download Doghouse is the place to party all night. With everything from pop and punk to metal and epic moves from your fellow Downloaders, expect anything and everything as you party on into the early hours. Who says the party has to stop at 11pm?

  • Get all the info you need by downloading the app

    If you’ve got a smartphone, do what the festival says and DOWNLOAD the official app (like what we did there?). It’s free and is packed full of useful information, stage times, a zoomable version of the sitemap and so much more. Trust us, your weekend will be made SO much easier, so visit the Apple App Store or download from Google Play.

  • Fuel up with the festival’s best eats

    Forget bringing that leftover sandwich from home, Download has enough food options to keep you sorted for breakfast, lunch, tea and anytime in between! Whether you want irresistible street food, a delicious vegan meal or a continental feast, there’s plenty of great eats to get your teeth stuck into.

  • Visit the new Avalanche Stage

    If there’s one reason to stray away from the main stage, it’s to check out Download’s new Avalanche Stage, where you’ll be served the very best of punk rock, post-hardcore and alternative rock. With headline performances from rock royalty including Simple Plan and Sleeping with Sirens, a visit to the stage is a must-see festival experience.

  • Catch those valuable zzz’s with Quiet Camping

    Want to actually get a good night’s sleep whilst you’re at Download Festival? We don’t blame you! Thankfully, the festival offers Quiet Camping a separate field in the main camp site area where you can have a break from the 24 hour party atmosphere of the standard camp sites. Ideal for families and younger festival goers (yes, kids as young as five can even attend, with an adult of course), it has a curfew of midnight, after which music must be turned off. But remember, it’s meant to make it quieter, not completely silent (you’re at a festival, after all!).

  • Keep your phone charged with a portable wristband

    If you want to capture Aerosmith’s last UK performance on your phone, don’t run the risk of it running out of power. The team at Music Angel Mobile Charging are offering unlimited charging throughout the entire festival with their social power battery. Remember, you must be wearing your unlimited charging wristband and have your battery to swap at the event.

  • Get some earplugs and thank us later

    No, not for when one of your mates are (attempting) to scream along to the headline act (we do sympathise with you, though). You’ll need the earplugs at night because Donington Park is pretty close to East Midlands Airport and let’s face it, no one wants to be kept awake by the hum of a 747 flying overhead – least of all when you’re camping in the great outdoors! So get the earplugs on your pre-Download check list and you can thank us later.

Is there anything else you’d put in our Download Festival survival guide? Let us know over at @nationalexpress and remember, we’ll get you direct to the festival doors!