The Best Caves in Nottingham

When you think of caves, you probably imagine somewhere like Spain, Italy, or the USA. What if we told you that you could visit some magnificent caves in the UK? It might seem unlikely, but there are actually well over 500 caves in Nottingham. Since our coaches travel to Nottingham from all over the nation, we decided to take a trip there to explore the best caves that the city has to offer. So, if you’re looking for things to do in Nottingham on your next city break, why not consider our round up of the best caves in Nottinghamshire below…

Nottingham Castle Caves – One for visiting in the future!

Some of the best caves in Nottingham lie below the iconic Nottingham Castle, though you might have to wait for a couple of years to see those seeing as the castle is getting a revamp and won’t be open in 2020! Not to worry though, in the meantime, there are plenty more Nottingham caves to see…

The Lost Caves – a hidden gem of a cave bar

Should you decide to explore underground in the streets of Hockley, you’ll uncover a true hidden gem. This cave bar of Nottingham is mysterious, cool, and full of rainbow lighting. The Lost Caves is a great cave to visit if you’d like to choose from a large selection of delicious gins.

City of Caves – the best place to learn about caves in Nottingham

Though bars in caves sound great, perhaps you’re looking more for family things to do in Nottingham. City of Caves is great for a family day out – it’s a museum and cave tour experience that allows you to explore the underground cave and tunnel system of Nottingham, learning about the history of the caves. Want to know how the caves were originally built, and how they’ve evolved throughout the eras? Then the City of Caves tour is definitely the one for you!

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem – The Stone Cave Pub

A pub in a cave!? Yep, you read that right. Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem is England’s oldest inn and is built into part of a cliff. With lots of bars, and cosy seating tucked into the nooks and crannies of caves, this is such a unique place to go for a drink!

Best Caves in Nottingham - National Express - Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem

Park Estate Caves – an unseen work of art

Nottingham’s beautiful and impressive Park Estate is home to particularly stunning cave and tunnels that tends to go unseen by most people. Lot’s of these are sadly not open to the public, but Park Tunnel is the exception. This amazing example of tunnelling is open for all to see!

Best Caves in Nottingham - National Express - Visit Park Tunnel

If you fancy taking your own trip to see the wonderful caves of Nottingham, don’t worry, you don’t have to tunnel all the way there! Our comfy coaches will take you right there, from wherever you are. Check out our great value fares below and start planning your own cave adventure…