When in Brussels: 7 things to do in the city

Did you know? As part of European travel, we can take you to the heart of Brussels! From its blend of cultures and languages, to the delicious food and drink, there’s a lot to love about Belgium’s capital city, and we’ve found all the best places to put on your list.

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    Grand Place

    Also known as Grote Markt, this is the central square of Brussels and one of the most staggering visuals in the country. From the Guildhalls to the Maison du Roi, the surrounding buildings are incredible and are designed in a combination of styles that can only be appreciated first-hand.

    There are often events on at Grand Place, such as concerts, flower markets and the traditional Ommegang, a historic parade of Belgian culture. If you’re really lucky, you may be in town for the Flower Carpet, a huge tapestry of over 600,000 begonias that gives the impression of a giant carpet spread out across the square. The vivid colours and fresh scent of begonias in the air are worth the journey alone.

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    Manneken Pis

    Feel like embracing your rebellious side? You’re in luck, as Brussels is home to one of the most controversial landmarks in all of Europe, Manneken Pis. This sculpture depicting a small boy urinating into a fountain basin has been in place since the 1600s and visitors have been coming by for a cheeky giggle ever since.

    The boy has been known to be dressed in a variety of costumes too, some classics including a scuba diver and the Pope, even leading to a museum being created dedicated to his wardrobe!

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    The Atomium

    If sculptures are your thing, or just incredible designs, the Atomium is the place for you. From afar this cell of atoms looks impressive, but as you get closer and realise that it houses exhibits, kids areas and platforms that offer fantastic views across Brussels, it becomes so much more.

    We recommend visiting in the evening to see the Atomium’s lights sparkling in the night. It’s a great summer spot for a picnic in the nearby grass too!

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    Just down from the Atomium you’ll find Mini-Europe, an incredible model park featuring around 350 small sculptures of famous landmarks all over Europe. Kids of all ages love running around the park and you can find loads of ways to take unique photographs with the models. After all, you’re never too old to feel like a giant.

    Look out for ‘Mini-Europe by Night’ evenings in the summer when the park is open until late and fireworks light up the skies.

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    Delirium Café

    Belgium is famous for its quality selection of beers and if you’re after a boozy evening, Delirium Café is the place to go. Tucked away in the alleys of Brussels, this three-story bar is a beer lover’s paradise, plastered in old adverts, logos and barrel tops from around the globe.

    With over 2000 beers on offer (yes, really), Delirium has been given the title of the world’s biggest beer selection by the Guinness Book of World Records. So we’re pretty sure you’ll find the one that hits the spot!

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    Planete Chocolat

    Got a sweet tooth? Then pop into Planete Chocolat and you won’t be disappointed. Since 1991, this merry band of chocolatiers have been blending traditionalism and creativity to craft the finest chocolate experience possible. Planete Chocolat has a huge range of products on offer from bars and spreads, to sugar-free items, hot chocolate and even chocolate cosmetics!

    This is truly no ordinary chocolate shop though, as the real thrill here lies in their workshops, where the experts will help you make your own amazing chocolates. You’ll dress the part, be a key member of the chocolate factory and learn a great new skill too.

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    Maison Antoine

    With all local delicacies, finding the best on offer is a controversial and often painstaking task. However, when it comes to the Belgians love of Belgian fries (like French fries, but Belgian!), Maison Antoine always ranks highly on anyone’s list.

    This famous kiosk, or fritkot, may leave you waiting a while, but their beautiful brand of crispy and fluffy chips will be well worth it. As a bonus, most surrounding bars will even let you eat your fries on their premises for a more relaxing experience.

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Now you know what to do when you get there, all that’s left to do is book your coach travel to Brussels via our journey planner and enjoy the ride!