World Black Pudding Throwing Championship – National Wonders

When we were children, we were told to not play with our food. However, a small village just near Bury in Greater Manchester called Ramsbottom gather together every year on the second Sunday of September to do just that. And we don’t mean just pushing the food around on their plate – they make a whole sport out of it! Believe it or not, people come from far and wide to hurl black puddings up to a high plinth full of Yorkshire pudding… welcome to the annual World Black Pudding Throwing Championships!

The History of Black Pudding Throwing, one of the Weirdest Events in the UK

According to local folklore, in 1455 during the War of the Roses, the Houses of Lancaster and York ran out of ammunition and resorted to throwing food at each other (don’t try this at home, your mum and dad will not be happy!). The House of Lancaster tossed black puddings at York and the House of York retaliated by launching Yorkshire puddings at Lancaster.

In more recent times, the locals of Ramsbottom honour this folklore story by gathering each year outside The Oaks of Ramsbottom to throw black pudding. Only this time the setting is far more friendly!

Our Black Pudding Throwing Experience…

In our quest to discover the most wonderful and weird events in the UK, we wanted to find out just how entertaining hundreds of Lancastrians throwing black puddings at Yorkshire puddings could be. We sent our #NationalWonders comedian Benjamin Kane on the coach to further investigate this tradition and ask the burning question “Is this really how the UK spends a day?”

Watch the video above to witness Ben attempting to speak to the locals, including a chat to last year’s World Black Pudding Champion about tactics, the history and taking part in the sport itself! (Video premieres on YouTube & Facebook on Thursday 15th Nov 2018 at 6pm)

Now you’ve seen how the professionals throw black puddings, do you think you have what it takes to become the next World Black Pudding Throwing Champion? Why not send this video to your friends and family and challenge them to take on the tradition of throwing black puddings at the World Black Pudding Throwing Championship 2019?