A different day out: 6 alternative things to do in Birmingham

Looking for things to do in Birmingham that are a little bit different? Well, lucky you as we’ve got just the answer. The second city has tons of alternative things to enjoy. Here’s our favourites…

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    With ten themed galleries each filled-to-the-brim with incredible things to see and do, the Think Tank is one of the UK’s most modern science museums and definitely a must-see if really want to do something a bit different. Explore everything from the incredible aircrafts and life-like body parts to the jaw-droppingly brilliant planetarium to really feel at the centre of the action.

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    Chinese Quarter

    You’d never expect to come to Birmingham and get a taste of the Orient, would you? But, walk just a few minutes away from the city centre (and coach station) and you’ll find yourself amidst the hustle and bustle and spectacular sights of the Chinese Quarter. Full of extraordinary restaurants and beautiful decor, it’s the best place to pick up a mouth-watering meal.

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    Jekyll & Hyde

    With so many things to do in Birmingham visiting all the attractions and walking around sure can be thirsty work, can’t it? But why stop for a quick pint or glass of wine when you could go to the Jekyll & Hyde and drink gin out of a miniature bath tub? You could even book yourself in for a mixologist masterclass while you’re there. How’s that for something a little out of the ordinary?  

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    Mystery Treasure Trail

    So, you could walk around going from spot-to-spot, or you could take part in one of the city’s Mystery Treasure Trails and see all the things to do in Birmingham that way instead. With tickets costing as little as £6.99, the mystery tour is a great way of exploring all of Birmingham’s best bits whilst joining in on in an unconventional game of who-done-it. We know which one we’d choose!

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    Aluna Bar

    Situated canal-side, right in the heart of the extremely trendy Mailbox, there isn’t anything else quite like Aluna in the city. Renowned for its magical cocktails and its extravagant and eccentric decor, Aluna is a hit with all the locals and it is sure to be with you too.

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    Jam Jar Lights

    Always on the lookout for things that make your home as interesting as you are? Then a visit to JamJar lights should definitely be on the cards. With a shop full of unique goodies, gorgeous handmade designs, and eye-catching lights all made from iconic Kilner jam jars, there’s no way you’ll be able to leave without one.

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See, we told you there’s loads of alternative things to do in Birmingham, didn’t we? Let us know your favourite over at @nationalexpress, and don’t forget to enter our Instagram competition where you can win Sea Life tickets, dinners out and a wide range of other prizes. We’ll throw in travel to Birmingham too, of course.