Get the best out of BoomTown: 9 things you need to know before you go

When you think festivals, you think of muddy fields, rows of tents and great music but with BoomTown, you can be part of something spectacular and a little different to the norm.

Situated in the heritage Hampshire town of Winchester, BoomTown is a vibrant independent festival full of crazy, gun-slinging cowboys, quirky circuses and one-of-a-kind experiences. Running from 11th to 14th August, here’s everything you need to know before you go. It’s going to be brill!

BoomTown what you need to know
  • You’ll become a citizen - enjoy it!

    From the moment you walk through the gates, you’re welcomed as a citizen of BoomTown. You can be as extravagant or as understated as you like, but remember, BoomTown is as much about the experience as it is the music, so wander along those streets and see where the pavement takes you. It’ll be unlike any other event you’ve been to, we promise!

  • Embrace your alter ego

    At BoomTown it’s all about participation and the festival will play out a fully immersive storyline across the four days. Past years have seen elections, corruption and even revolutions unfold, in chapter 7, and this year’s theme is guaranteed to be just as incredible. Plus, all festival goers are invited to unleash their alter ego so you can really immerse yourself in the out-of-the-ordinary experience of BoomTown.

  • The streets are the stage

    Proving that BoomTown is anything but conventional, the festival actually takes place throughout the streets of the ‘city’ so be sure to explore down winding roads to discover something different at every turn. With street theatre, wacky performances and even a circus, you’ll start to wish you could move in permanently.

  • There really is something for everyone

    Are you a jungle junkie, techno head or disco diva? Perhaps you’re a wannabe folk groupie, ska sister or a proud punk prince? Anything goes at BoomTown and with so many amazing artists performing from across all genres, there really is something for everyone to lose themselves to.

    And, in case you didn’t already know, Damian Marley, Madness, Leftfield, Fat Freddy’s Drop, Parov Stelar, Levellers and Imelda May are just a few of the top names you can expect to see heading up the eclectic bill of over an incredible 500 different musical acts. Yep, we’re pretty excited too!

  • Sometimes, less really is more

    It may seem obvious, but we really do mean it when we say it’s best to bring only what you’ll really need. This won’t only make settling in a total breeze but it’ll also help to support BoomTown in its environmentally friendly quest. Plus, this also means you won’t have to lug much home with you when the sun sets on the festival for another year. Bonus, right?

    To set up camp in super speedy time, the organisers are lending a helping hand to all coach passengers, lightening the load by offering convenient options such as pre-pitched tents.

  • What to do on arrival?

    First thing to know? Well, not only is there three different gate entrances you can head to – North, West and East, but there’s three car parks too (great news for everyone driving, we know). These are North, West and HillTop Boomtique (for those staying in this area) and they’re all just a short walk from BoomTown city. Of course, if you’re coming by coach, things are even easier so book in advance to get a jump on the rest of the BoomTown revellers.

  • What’s not to be missed...

    Put The Freak Boutique on your must-see list for both daytime delights and nighttime frights. The Salon is open during daylight hours, offering wild new hairstyles at the punk barbershop, God Shave The Queen, beautiful body art at The Twattoo Parlour plus upcycled clothing and band merch you won’t find anywhere else. Once the moon comes out, come play with the Freaks; live music, twisted dancers and sideshow performers amaze revellers across the multi level dance floor. Full power every hour!

  • And, before you leave...

    Before you wave your last goodbyes to BoomTown, taking with you a head full of memories and feet sore from the dance floor, why not extend your Winchester stay for a little longer to check out one of the other local attractions? We recommend for animal lovers, a trip to Marwell Zoo, and for fun with kiddies, there’s Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium nearby too.

Have you been to BoomTown before? What’s your must-do for this year’s newbies? Share with us over @nationalexpress