10 festival hacks you NEED in your life

With your mates rounded up for the summer, the best music and amazing memories just waiting to be made, festival season has officially arrived. Yay! And whether you’re a seasoned festival-goer or a complete newbie, everyone can benefit from some tried and tested hacks. From how to get to the front of the crowd to strategically choosing your camping spot, here’s how to have the festival weekend of dreams.

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    1. Choose your outfits wisely

    As Insta-worthy as those white jeans and stiletto heels may be – they really don’t make for practical festival wear. Skip the Bridget Jones moment and bring clothes you’re not afraid to get a bit dirty like a rain mac and wellies. If in doubt remember, playsuits and dungarees are never your friends when it comes to the portaloo situation!

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    2. Keep drinking water

    With a weekend packed full of musical mayhem, wandering in the sunshine and (chances are) very little sleep, do yourself a favour and stay hydrated. A lot of festivals offer fresh water from on-site taps, so we’d recommend bringing some reusable water bottles along. Remember – if you buy bottled water at the festival they tend to take the cap off – so it’s easier to just bring your own.

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    3. Bring a bigger tent than you need

    Let’s face it, a two-person tent is never a two-person tent. Your backpacks and food alone will take up load of space, so take a bigger tent and we can guarantee you’ll be 10 times comfier. Because whether you’re mate’s a wriggler or snores like a pig, at least you won’t be squished up next to them!

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    4. Arrange a meeting point

    We’ve all got a friend who runs off on a night out or at a festival, so skip trying to find them and arrange a meeting point in advance. Ideal for if the phones have run out of battery (but more on that on point 6), choose somewhere super obvious and easy to get to.

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    5. Get to the front of the crowd easily

    If you’re on a mission to get to the front of the crowd, take it from us, the ‘pincer movement’ is the way forward. Instead of pushing through the middle, you go via the side of the stage like a crab and then work and weave your way forwards. Sorted.

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    6. Pack a portable charger

    Your favourite artist is on stage, but your phone has just run out of battery *inserts crying emojis*. Save yourself from the festival fail with the absolute must-have – a portable charger. Many festivals have also onsite charging lockers you can use for a small fee – so do some research beforehand and you’re good to go!

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    7. Fuel up

    No matter how hyped you are, partying all day and all night sure does take it out of you. So, conserve your energy levels and keep eating during your time at a festival. There will be plenty of food stalls and pop-ups around, and we’d also advise bringing along some fail-safe snacks like bananas and cereal bars.

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    8. Pack the essential toiletries

    Let’s be honest, the whole showering situation is never great at festivals, so come prepared with a few essential toiletries. Pack some wet wipes, hand sanitiser, a toothbrush and shower gel, and you’ll be feeling fresh as a daisy in no time! Remember to bring the suncream too.

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    9. Choose your camping spot strategically

    … because no-one wants to be sleeping right beside a footpath or in front of the dreaded portaloos! The solution? Choose somewhere that’s easy for you to find at 4am. If you want to make your tent more noticeable, why not pitch a flag, use some bunting or even neon spray paint to decorate it? The more creative – better!

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    10. And finally - take the coach!

    If you want a hassle-free journey direct to you the UK’s best festivals, look no further than the coach. We’ll drop you right outside the festival gates and have room for all your tents, groundsheets and backpacks. Even better yet – if there’s four or more of you, you can save 25% off our standard fares with our group travel discount. Yay!

Now you’ve got our insider tips, all that’s left is to book your travel! From Reading and Leeds to Boomtown Fair, we’ll get you to the top festivals and events on the UK’s music circuit. Having the summer of a lifetime couldn’t be easier!


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